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CSC Squamish, BC Design Lab, April 2018


    The mindyourmind team went to Squamish, BC to work with local youth through the Canada Service Corps initiative. The goal of the project was to co-create a mental health resource specific to the needs of the Squamish community, as identified by the youth. Once the resource is complete they will promote it in their school and community to ensure it reaches the appropriate audience.

    This has been a great experience. This project will help Squamish because it will bring people together. Right now people in Squamish stay in their own groups but this project will make us a community. ~ Ryelin


    mindyourmind, staff from Sea To Sky Community Services and 10 youth from Squamish: Brielle, Katelyn, Lauren, Maria, McKinley, Ryelin, Sienna, Sophia, Talisa and William.


    mindyourmind worked with Sea to Sky Community Services to recruit youth who are passionate about mental health and being involved in their community. We had a two and a half day Design Studio followed by 10 webinars. Over the course of the Design Studio and the subsequent webinars we were able to identify the top issues facing youth in Squamish. Following this the group decided they wanted to create a website with interactive e-modules as well as a game. They are also hoping to host a launch event in the fall to promote this resource.

    I like working with mindyourmind, it’s fun and very educational. The leaders are very welcoming, and the other teenagers I worked with have some very good ideas and we got along well. I learned a lot about the importance of language. For example, depression is more than just a bad day. I look forward to developing the game we are creating, I think it will be very helpful and beneficial for people and their mental health. ~ Brielle


    We recognize that mental health programs are not “one size fits all”. We wanted to provide youth with the opportunity to create a mental health resource that is specifically suited to the Squamish area. When resources are co-created and targeted they are more effective. Additionally this process provided the youth valuable skills and transferable experience they can utilize in the future.

    This project has allowed me to collaborate with others in my community I wouldn’t have ever talked to otherwise. I joined to have a fun time and learn about mental health and this project has allowed me to do both of these things. I have heard many different opinions on the youth in my town and it has really opened my eyes to different perspectives. Although there are many different people involved, and we all have many different things to say, I’ve learned that there are many similarities between us as well. mindyourmind has been a great experience for me! ~ Sienna


    MIND Game: The Squamish youth team decided they wanted to do a trivia style game. They guided the content and visual design of the game.

    MIND eLearning: The youth wanted to create three eLearning modules that focused on wellness, substance use and stress. They modeled this visuals after the MIND Game and is complementary to the game.

    Project Links

    MIND Game

    MIND eLearning

    Youth Partners

    We posed the following questions to youth participants on the last day of the Design Studio:

    1. How do you eat your Oreo cookie?
    2. What’s the best part about Squamish?
    3. Why were you interested in this project?
    4. What do you do for self care?


    1.Whole cookie in one bite
    2.The community.
    3.I wanted to get involved and help my peers and community
    4.I write, books, songs and poetry. I listen to/create music.


    2.All the outdoor activities.
    3.I wanted to help and make an impact on our community, plus I thought it would be fun!
    4.I draw to calm down, but I do a lot of dance to keep my activities up. They help me forget about my problems.


    1.Eat the middle first
    2.The hockey community
    3.To learn more about mental health & help others learn more
    4.I just skate


    1.Twist off the top and eat the middle
    2.The nature
    3.I thought it would be fun to learn
    4.I take showers and watch Netflix


    1.I twist my oreo
    2.The activities
    3.I wanted to have a new experience


    1.I twist my oreo
    2.The activities
    3.I wanted to have a new experience


    1.I eat it whole
    2.My favourite thing about Squamish B.C. is the outdoors
    3.I volunteered for this project because I thought it would be fun and it would be a good learning experience
    4.I take a shower daily and always make sure my clothes are clean, not dirty


    1.I bite and twist an oreo
    2.I love Squamish because I have amazing friends
    3.I volunteered because I wanted to express my thoughts and learn new things
    4.I love to relax after school and eat good food.


    1.Just dip it in milk and eat it whole
    2.That everyone knows each other
    3.To help my friends
    4.Listen to music and play guitar


    1.I bite the cookie a few times, very simple.
    2.My favourite thing about Squamish is the scenery
    3.Because mental health is important to ma and if there is a way to help raise awareness then of course I’d want to help.
    4.I like to listen to piano and violin music, read, take a bath, and have alone time to reflect.