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CSC Online Design Lab, Winter 2021-2022


    In the fall of 2021, mindyourmind hosted another youth mentorship design lab. The youth split into two groups to focus on different projects, one being self care kits designed for local youth and the other, a mental health calendar with thoughtful journal prompts.


    Through past design labs we have learned that there are many youth across Canada who want to make a difference and help other young people, they just need the platform and support to get started. We have found that these mentorship design labs are the perfect way to get youth inspired and begin their helping journeys. Plus, our previous mentorship design labs were incredibly successful so we were keen to host another one!


    The mindyourmind team and ten awesome youth!


    From September to October 2021, we met twice weekly over Zoom.


    Online meetings with youth tuning in from across the country!


    Youth Partners

    This group decided on 1 question:

    Reflecting back on our Self Expression Design Lab, what did you learn?

    Here are their answers…


    I explored poetry as an interesting form of self expression. Something I hadn’t given much thought of before.


    This design lab allowed me to learn new methods of self expression and ways to channel my emotions. I also was able to refine old skills sets and become more comfortable with how I use them.


    I learned that a safe place can be made with a group of open-minded individuals who are willing to share and appreciate thoughts and experiences.


    Different modes of creation how to be playful & how to safely revisit grief.


    Following the guide that was given to us in the emails, that small things such as taking a bath can be self care. It’s nice to have so many resources and not ones that are absurd and hard to actually achieve.


    Self-expression is so important for mental health care and that having an outlet to express yourself makes us feel better.


    I learned that self-expression begins from self-awareness. I joined the design lab with the idea that I was self-expressing, but after the many sessions, I learned that self-expression is a process and I had a lot of learning to do. Through the diverse workshops & listening to others in the design lab, I’m glad that I am more self-aware, and getting better at self-expression.


    Learned to take time and actually carve out time to work on expressing myself creatively. I also learned how healing it can be!


    I learned that everyone has the ability to express themselves in a myriad of different ways and that self expression is integral to healing oneself.


    I absolutely loved the importance of self care.


    To step out of my comfort zone because I will be accepted.


    Self expression can take many forms.