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CSC Online Design Lab, Spring 2021


    The mindyourmind team took to Zoom for our most recent online Design Lab, supported by the Canada Service Corps Initiative. Our goal was to co-create a mental health resource to fill needs identified by the youth. When the resource is complete, we will share it with both their local communities and groups of youth across Canada. This team wanted to create a workbook that would guide the user through deep self-discovery and help to set them up for a future they want for themselves. Aptly named Growth, this book is going to inspire you to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself!


    mindyourmind staff and thirteen awesome youth across Canada: Aleisha, Erica, Ren, Herbert, Ilakkia, Jessica, Justine, Kajal, Maeisha, Michelle, Samara, Shalom and Zara!


    We put out a call on our socials for applicants to participate in our Spring Design Lab. Youth across Canada answered the call, and we had folks from East to West! Successful applicants joined us in weekly meetings over the course of the spring to co-create something meaningful from them to our Canadian youth.


    Spring 2021


    Virtually across Canada


    Young people continue to fight to have their voices heard and search for ways to make an impact in their communities. During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in mental health challenges, with social isolation making these even worse. Having a safe space online where we could connect was an important part of the design lab process. Being a part of a community is always important, but even more so now, and cultivating that vital sense of belonging online has been a wonderful experience.


    This group decided to create a self care book called Growth, Grow Your Own Story. Available in English, French and Punjabi.

    Youth Partners

    This group decided on three questions:

    1. What was your favourite part of this design lab?
    2. What do you hope will come from this resource and why?
    3. What is your favourite donut?

    Here’s their answers…


    1.My favorite part about the design labs have definitely been the self-care rituals. As a person who is constantly on the go, I know I struggle sometimes with taking time for myself. Talking about self-care and learning about what others have been doing has been a really great reminder for me to take a break and to try new things. It has also been really nice meeting other passionate and engaged individuals. I will definitely be leaving this experience with new ideas and ways of thinking when it comes to mental health challenges and coming up with solutions. It has been a really great learning experience.
    2.Due to the recent chain of events that have happened this past year, we wanted to create a resource to help youth with the unique challenges the pandemic has brought forth. I hope that this resource will help youth during these difficult times, as well as after the pandemic too.
    3.London Fog from Cartems Donuts in Vancouver. I was never really into donuts until I stumbled into this place after an event downtown. I’m a big tea fan and don’t really like things that are too sweet. So this donut was perfect for me 🙂


    1.My favourite part of this design lab was collaborating with others across Canada with the same goal to help bring wellness to youth. It was different having this experience be completely virtual but I am grateful for the opportunity that we are still able to create a valuable resource for others.
    2.I hope this resource will help guide others to become their best personal self and bring positive awareness and wellness to those around them. It is so important for our future generations to be happy, well and confident with who they are and the path that they are taking.
    3.My favourite donut is Boston Cream because it has the best of both worlds.


    1.The collaboration of writing the content together!
    2.Groupwork skills, content creation, making new friends.
    3.Chocolate, it’s so addictive!!


    1.My favourite part of this design lab was at the half-way point of our design lab, when we first thought of our resource. As individuals coming from diverse backgrounds each with original and unique ideas for our resource it was satisfying to see how we could build this resource, one that encompassed all our ideas.
    2.I hope this resource will be useful to youth in their journey to self-discovery. There are immense challenges we are faced with in our current situation, whether it be due to COVID-19, race-based violence and amongst societal pressures. I hope this resource is a tool that individuals can utilize to become more aware of themselves, and find comfort in their past while preparing for the future. The distinctive feature of this resource is the opportunity to tailor it to our own unique needs which I hope supports each individual on their journey.
    3.My favourite donut is a chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles. Chocolate makes everything better & the sprinkles with every bite makes eating it a fun & wholesome experience! 


    1.My favourite part of this design lab was collaborating with a diverse group of youth across Canada. Learning different perspectives has made me more mindful of the wide range of mental health experiences among youth. Sharing our personal go-to self-care strategies each week helped me grow my toolkit!
    2.I hope this resource is accessible for all youth and can be easily integrated into daily life. I hope it empowers young people to take control of their own lives and realize the innate strengths they have to overcome challenging times. Keep going, keep growing!
    3.My favourite donut is a sour cream glazed donut. It’s the perfect hybrid of a slice of cake and a glazed donut!


    1.Collaborating with so many inspired youth from across Canada.
    2.Hope and positivity for youth burnt out and uninspired with Covid.
    3.Jelly filled!!


    1.Everything about this lab was amazing, however I loved working with people of different ages and from different parts of the country. It was really nice to start from scratch and work as a team and see everyone’s ideas come together. It is also very neat as this design lab caters to all of Canada’s youth and is relevant across the country!
    2.From this resource, I hope that it is a helpful guide for anyone experiencing the mental health issues highlighted in the book or even a useful resource to discover yourself!
    3.I know its basic, but my favourite donut is the original glazed donut from Krispy Kreme!


    1.I loved collaborating with a group of diverse people and bringing our different ideas together to all contribute to an impactful and resourceful book that can benefit a large group of people!
    2.I hope that this resource initiates a greater level of self reflection, acceptance and love.
    3.I love Oreo donuts, they’re chocolatey and creamy!


    1.My favourite part of this design lab was learning more about my passion specifically for redefine wellness with culturally appropriate and trauma informed more and accountable intersectional inclusion deepening my understanding of the the needs of this especially for black brown indigenous racialized intersecting identities and how i will continue to actively participate to un learn and learn while and onwards even if it is on my own this was apart of that journey start in this cohort to have specific tools for global majority folks we are not only marginilized so vulnerbale and or minority we are also resilient patient aligning and here and will not be erased continue to love myself and see how speaking to myslef and others and how that has impact even one word which the words i prefer to use is for example global majority.
    2.I hope it starts a life long journey of specific work that can be done on anti black racism and specific customized personalized healing and that the standard are not for everyone this resource is start for that hopefully can give flick of water however more depth to come and this is important to pave foundation that even if it s not on the news it is still happening and that especially for black brown indigenous racialized intersecting identities need spaces where they are wholesomely welcome.
    3.i like probably like a churro kind because it has different flavours choices that can be added does not be one like various perpectives that are still missing.


    1.It was an opportunity to learn as help as create something to help others.
    2.I hope that It will be an opportunity and an experience for those who use it.
    3.Double Chocolate.


    1.I loved collaborating with other like-minded young people who all have the same goal! Working on this resource was impactful for me, as I’m sure the actual resource will be for others.
    2.I hope this will provide people with the opportunity to pause and reflect on things that will improve their lives in a multitude of ways. From self care, to unpacking bias, to understanding their needs.
    3.Original glazed from Krispy Kreme. Can’t beat a classic!


    1.My favourite part is brain storming with youth experts about the challenges youth face on their day to day life. The design lab  did a great on job that. Connecting with like minded people in different provinces who care about the mental health.
    2.It is a good initiative that organization like mind your mind being a strong advocate for mental health among youth. I hope there could be a lot resources manging money and finding the balance in work and relationships. Youth really concerned about making money, relationship and being independent.
    3.Glazed chocolate the cake donu to is my favorite donut. It’s soft and yummy!


    1.My favourite part of this design lab was getting the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people who are driven to make a change in their society!
    2.I hope that this resource will help youth across Canada cope with their mental health and provide them with a safe space where they feel accepted. In addition, I hope this resource will help change the mindset in Canada in terms of racism, the idea of productivity, the stigma around mental health and so much more.
    3.Not really donut donuts but Birthday Cake Timbits 😛