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CSC Online Design Lab, Fall 2021


    In the fall of 2021, mindyourmind hosted another youth mentorship design lab. The youth split into two groups to focus on different projects, one being self care kits designed for local youth and the other, a mental health calendar with thoughtful journal prompts.


    Through past design labs we have learned that there are many youth across Canada who want to make a difference and help other young people, they just need the platform and support to get started. We have found that these mentorship design labs are the perfect way to get youth inspired and begin their helping journeys. Plus, our previous mentorship design labs were incredibly successful so we were keen to host another one!


    The mindyourmind team and ten awesome youth!


    From September to October 2021, we met twice weekly over Zoom.


    Online meetings with youth tuning in from across the country!

    Youth Partners

    This group decided on three questions:

    1. What was your favourite part of this design lab?
    2. What do you hope will come from this resource and why?
    3. What is your favourite donut?

    Here’s their answers…


    1.Getting to know other people and knowing that I’m not the only one on this boat!
    3.Sunset at the beach


    1. It was nice to collaborate with a like-minded and inspired team of young individuals to create a helpful resource for our communities. I loved being in a very welcoming and supportive environment to work towards a project I was passionate about.
    2. We are working towards a 365-day journal for better mental health. So, the next steps would just be working towards applying for a grant and getting our journals printed! As a student studying mental health, I hope to continue beyond this towards finding ways to spread awareness and educate communities about the importance of mental health.
    3. I am a nature fanatic so for me, it will involve spending most of my time in nature. A day where I would wake up to the sun rising, appreciating the beautiful pink sky and hearing some birds chirping. Having a delicious breakfast with my family and then going for a walk in a valley. Spending the day around flowing water sitting on some rocks and reading a book. Perhaps, going for some cycling and end the day viewing a beautiful sunset at a beach


    1. My favourite part was the social aspect of meeting like-minded people from all over. It still blows my mind, especially being able to work together to make a positive impact in others’ lives. The entire design lab was an experience that I will always remember.
    2. Next for our project is to establish a set plan then get our project out to the public when we have finished the creation! The more people that we can get involved to use our project, the better.
    3. My perfect day would be one where I could learn something new and do something exciting. Maybe a trail ride on horseback through the rocky mountains? That sounds lovely and exciting to me!


    1. I loved working with so many amazing people and having the opportunity to make a difference in my community.
    2. Our project is well on its way! We will continue to meet up and will work on assembling our care packages.
    3. My perfect day would include playing a board game with my family and meeting up somewhere with my friends.


    1. My favourite part was learning about writing grant applications and meeting like-minded people who also wanted to make an impact in our communities!
    2. We’re going to work hard to finish our grant application and start putting together self-care packages!
    3. My perfect day would involve spending lots of time with my family and friends, maybe doing something fun like an escape room or museum! Then maybe creating art altogether and watching a comedy movie. :)


    1. My favourite part of the design lab was meeting like minded people passionately interested in making a difference and spreading kindness. I liked the way the mindyourmind team encouraged us to come up with new ideas. They were super supportive and thoughtful about it!
    2. Writing blogs, quotes and prompts! Working on grant application finances for our journal project!
    3. Amazing breakfast, Conversations with family, Beaches and sunsets


    1. The memories I made with everyone.
    2. Not too sure the sky is the limit
    3. Spending the day in the USA somewhere


    1. Breakout rooms
    2. Idk
    3. Being happy


    1. My favourite part of this design lab is meeting twice a week with like-minded people who want to create change in the mental health field. I loved learning from each other and for the space/opportunity to be as creative as possible. Oh and the gifs!!! I loved the gifs so much.
    2. Next step is putting all the journal prompts together and adding awesome designs on it, then launching it! Stay tuned for it!! We’re all so excited
    3. My perfect day consists of hanging out with my baby niece and getting to experience the world through her eyes. Most likely there is music and me and her throwing an awesome dance party.