The mindyourmind team went to Windsor, ON to work with local youth through the Canada Service Corps initiative. The goal of the project was to co-create a mental health resource specific to the needs of the Windsor community, as identified by the youth. Once the resource is complete they will promote it in their school and community to ensure it reaches the appropriate audience.


mindyourmind, staff from Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and 12 youth from Windsor: Ahmed, Aleyna, Ally, Cole, Daina, Daisy, Erica, Matthew, Pavneet, Shaawnonoo, Sophia and Tyler.


mindyourmind worked with Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare to recruit youth who are passionate about mental health and being involved in their community. We had a two and a half day Design Studio and will meet with them throughout the process to gather their feedback. Over the course of the Design Studio and the subsequent webinars we were able to identify the top issues facing youth in Windsor. Following this the group decided they wanted to create an interactive quiz related to self-care and an interactive mental health workbook. They are also developing a promotional strategy to disseminate the resources across the city.


We recognize that mental health programs are not “one size fits all”. We wanted to provide youth with the opportunity to create a mental health resource that is specifically suited to the Windsor area. When resources are co-created and targeted they are more effective. Additionally this process provided the youth with valuable skills and transferable experience they can utilize in the future.


Border Town: An interactive mental health bullet journal. The team wanted a way to share information about anxiety, depression, self care and substance use.

How's It Growing?: is a self-care quiz. Discover your place in the garden and learn positive coping strategies by taking this quiz.

Project Links

Border Town

An interactive mental health bullet journal.

English French

How's It Growing?

A self-care quiz.
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Youth Partners

We posed the following questions to youth participants on the last day of the Design Studio:

  1. A quote about the weekend.
  2. What were your overall thoughts, feelings, and experiences?
  3. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?