Fourteen youth between the ages of 15 and 29 who live across Canada


A 12 week mentorship program for young Canadians with an idea to create positive change in the mental health of their communities. Each week we held different skills-based webinars to cover various topics related to project planning and personal development, and often included guest speakers who were experts on a particular topic. In between webinars, the youth were paired up with two of the four facilitators to have weekly check-ins and to help put the webinar learnings into actionable steps. 


Spring and Summer 2020


Virtually across Canada


To expand our reach to include a more geographically diverse group of Canadian youth and to further deepen the program experience for our youth and the impact on their communities, we explored a different program model from our previous five youthexperts cohorts. This was the idea behind youthexperts online - to gather youth across the country in online workshops where they could inspire and support each other while receiving individualized mentorship towards their personal project ideas. It turned out that this online adaptation was well suited in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (with the limited ability to hold in-person gatherings), and we found that our program filled a new need for mental health advocacy, human connection, and community involvement that young people could participate in from home.

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Youth Partners

We posed the following questions to the youth team:

  1. Why did you get involved with this program?
  2. What are your goals for your project, or what impact do you hope it will have?
  3. One random fact about me is…