Posted on Mar 12, 2022

March was a month of transition for our youthexperts program, as we were putting finishing pieces together of our current projects, as well as looking towards the future. We have been working on translating our tool and resources into other languages such as Tlicho from the Northwest Territories. You can download your copy of Elements, now available in English, French and Tlicho! 

You may

Posted on Feb 12, 2022

February went by quickly and we spent the month finishing up final pieces for our Expression group. In case you missed it, we spent 5 sessions exploring expression in different creative mediums. Music and lyrics, movement, improv, grief and sadness were all touched on during this design lab. Due to the wonderful feedback we received, we just may run this program again! Find more info on the CSC

Posted on Jan 12, 2022

January was such a great month for our latest Design Lab, Self Expression group! We had so much fun sharing different ways of expressing ourselves. Having a brave and safe space for our youth to be vulnerable is one of the most important aspects of our Design Labs. 

To recap, we had three guest speakers share forms of expression and storytelling. Over the course of 5 sessions the entire group

Posted on Dec 31, 2021

In December we finished the planning and coordination of our 11th youth cohort with the CSC project, and the excitement has been real! Our focus this time is all about self expression! The past two years we have all been under tremendous challenges during this pandemic. We wanted to provide a safe and brave space for Canadian youth to feel seen and heard.  We had an overwhelming response to our

Posted on Nov 30, 2021

November was such an exciting month for our team! We developed a new program that we’re running for the first time next month! After a lot of thought and conversations we knew that it was time to explore self expression in a new format. We have co-created so many amazing resources that you can check out at and Design Labs on mindyourmind. Being able to bring some of what these

Posted on Oct 31, 2021

October brought some good news to our youthexperts team; not only did we run our most recent cohort BUT we learned there was an extension for grant applications with one of our partners, Rising Youth! This was great news to receive and share with Canadian youth as it means there is still an opportunity to make their visions come to life! Check them out here if you're interested in applying at Risi

Posted on Sep 30, 2021

September was a busy month as we planned for and launched our 10th cohort of the youthexperts project! We decided to take advantage of the final few months of the Rising Youth grants being open, and opened the call to youth across Canada to create their own mental health projects! If you haven’t heard of or checked them out at

As always we’ve adjusted to suit the needs and