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CSC Adventures: September 2020

    September brings our final few weeks of summer and the shift into back to school and a season change. With our most recent project wrapping up, we have said goodbye to our youthexperts Online team, and are focusing our time on the new resources our Online Design Lab group created!

    We moved our traditional in-person Design Lab to a virtual format, and it was a ton of fun. Our Online Design Lab team worked very productively during the workshops with us; they were excited to create new content and make decisions around style and design of their products. It was interesting to see how productive we could be online and how focused this group was. We mentioned a game and a book in our last blog, and over September our focus has been to fill in missing content and continue designing each tool.

    The Online Design Lab team landed on Thrive: One Province at a Time for the book. The book is designed to explore your own personal growth and journey. With journal prompts, things to colour, and information to help you be your best, this book is a must have!! The other tool we made is a game called, Destination Life! This game is all about navigating choices as they come up in your life to bring yourself to the best outcome. Stay tuned to see both these finished products in the upcoming weeks.

    The Online Design Lab team was passionate about personal growth and working towards living your best life. These tools are going to be great for people to learn and grow!

    Always an adventure with us!