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CSC Adventures: October 2021

    October brought some good news to our youthexperts team; not only did we run our most recent cohort BUT we learned there was an extension for grant applications with one of our partners, Rising Youth! This was great news to receive and share with Canadian youth as it means there is still an opportunity to make their visions come to life! Check them out here if you’re interested in applying at Rising Youth Grants.

    Our self care workbook, Growth, Grow Your Own Story has been completed in French and English, with copies in Punjabi coming soon! Growth focuses on five areas of self reflection: Strengths, Learning, Coping, Future and Growth. This was definitely a labour of love and we are so excited that it’s ready to launch! Check out Growth and learn more about the youth group in the CSC Online Design Lab, Spring 2021.

    Our tenth group came together to create meaningful projects and split into two different groups. Like every online design lab up to now, we continue to tweak the format and this time around we met for six, two hour sessions. This group had sooo many great ideas and ultimately it came down to mental health care packages for high school students and a mental health calendar! We are super excited to see how the calendar unfolds and have no doubt the students are going to love receiving their care packages!

    As we move through the fall months, we will shift our focus next month to creating our final project for this year! It’s something we haven’t done before and it’s going to be something you won’t want to miss!