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CSC Adventures: October 2020

    October already!? Wow…this year has felt different than any other. As we’ve all been adapting to the pandemic, time has felt very unusual. Two months until the new year feels surreal! We hope you’ve been finding your way through this year, and hopefully getting to enjoy Halloween at the end of the month!

    As for us? We have been working hard on getting Thrive: One Province at a Time, our journal workbook, together! Continuing where we left off with our last design lab, we expanded on both content and design with the youth participants. Our team worked diligently to bring our group’s vision to life and we are pleased to be on track.

    The second tool that this group decided on is a game called Destination Life. It is currently being constructed by our in-house game developer, and it is getting close to completion. It has been exciting to see the progression and our group’s ideas become reality!

    We are looking forward to seeing the completion of both projects in November-they are already looking awesome while under construction. Make sure you check out the other resources and tools we have made with youth all over Canada!