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CSC Adventures: October 2019

    Spooky season is officially over and winter feels closer than ever. As always we want to reflect on our progress so far and what we’re looking forward to in the coming month.

    In early October, we traveled to Winnipeg to work with a group of newcomer youth, in partnership with the YMCA. This was our final community visit for this phase of the project, and we were thrilled with the group’s participation and overall productivity. There were 18 participants, mainly from Syria and some from Central America. We had a great time; they were very enthusiastic and were happy to share their thoughts and perspectives with us. At the end of the weekend they decided they want to make a quiz and inspirational posters. The quiz will focus on information that newcomers need to know such as how to find a job or how to care for their mental health. The posters will focus on resilience and growth. We’ve had two webinars with them since we arrived back in London so that we can develop their ideas further.

    In other news, our graphic design team has been hard at work on the Nuna book. As we speak they are adding the finishing touches. Once the book is approved the group will decide how they want to celebrate and share the resource. They might apply for a #RisingYouth grant in order to fund their plans.

    Finally, the Windsor team is preparing to share the resources with their community. They applied for a #RisingYouth grant and are eagerly awaiting the outcome of their application. Keep a close eye on our social media channels for updates, we will be traveling to Windsor soon to help promote their work and celebrate their achievements.

    As always stay tuned for more exciting updates. If you want to be the first to know about new developments, sign up for our newsletter.