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CSC Adventures: November Update

    November has been yet another busy month. It’s been an exciting time as we are almost done work on the Squamish project, making progress with the Halifax group and we are finalizing the details for our third group and hope to announce our partnership soon!

    As mentioned we are almost finished the Squamish leg of the project! We have completed the game and are almost done the e-learning modules. After researching the languages in the region we decided to translate the resource in Punjabi, in addition to French and English. Punjabi is the next most common language in Squamish. Once we are done the e-learning modules and translation we will set up a final webinar to review and celebrate our progress. The youth are still working on a launch event so we will review their plans as well. Finally the Be Safe app is up and running, be sure to download this free safety planning app!

    The Halifax group has also been on a roll! These are a few of November’s highlights. To begin with, the group received a $1,500 grant that will be used to plan and implement the launch event. We’ve also been working on the workbook. We have all the content developed and have developed a few mockup pages. The mindyourmind team is busy putting the workbook together. Finally, work on the video has commenced! There will be three videos that focus on mental health 101, gratitude and the importance of community. The group has decided the resources will be translated into French and Arabic, Arabic is one of the most common languages in Halifax after French and English.

    More details to come, stay tuned for where we will be headed for our third project!