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CSC Adventures: November 2021

    November was such an exciting month for our team! We developed a new program that we’re running for the first time next month! After a lot of thought and conversations we knew that it was time to explore self expression in a new format. We have co-created so many amazing resources that you can check out at and Design Labs on mindyourmind. Being able to bring some of what these resources encourage in terms of self expression and creativity, we wanted to provide a safe and brave space for just that.

    Over the month, we worked to put together programming for Self Expression! We received record breaking applications and it was truly delightful to see how many Canadian youth are ready to share themselves with our community!

    Guest speakers will be incorporated; folks with personal and professional experience using expression as a means to share their unique experiences and do some deep healing work. We can’t wait to explore this next month!

    You definitely don’t want to miss what’s coming next!