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CSC Adventures: November 2020

    Didn’t November fly by? We can’t believe how close it is to wrapping up 2020 and our CSC projects! You may remember that our most recent online Design Lab that happened in August brought about the co-creation of a book, Thrive: One Province At A Time and a game (stay tuned next month to learn more). 

    This month our team worked diligently on bringing to life Thrive: One Province At A Time, to life! Our book walks you through Canada and for each province there are different prompts and activities for you to do. The purpose of moving through the book is to learn more about yourself.  We invite you to be self-reflective; think about where you’ve been and where you want to go!

    Throughout the journey of the CSC projects, every tool and resource co-created has been with the intention for youth across Canada to learn, grow, and reach their full potential! Thrive is no different; when you fill in the pages you will feel inspired to achieve your personal goals. Thrive is a great reminder that there is not one way to get where you want to go! 

    Our youth team will be giving their final stamp of approval and then we will be moving into the final stages of getting the books ready to print and send off into the world!

    Stay tuned for more and check out for more information on this project.