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CSC Adventures: November 2019

    November has come and gone so quickly for us! As always we want to reflect on our progress so far and what we’re looking forward to in the coming month.

    This month was spent working on crafting the quiz questions for our Winnipeg group. Category creation and making sure appropriate questions and answers have been the focus and priority for our webinars with our Winnipeg friends. An important aspect of this has been working with young people where English is not their first language: questions and answers need to make sense for youth new to speaking and understanding English. The look and feel of the quiz is coming together and we are looking forward to it’s evolution in December! A positive poster series is the second aspect of creation this group wanted to work on, and we will begin that during the next two months as holiday season brings a little bit of time off! 

    Our graphic design team continues to finalize the Nuna book, for our group in Arviat. We will be sending it off for final approval over the next few weeks and are so excited to see this resource come to life! It’s been an exciting project and a big honour for mindyourmind to create this cultural self care book for the young people in Arviat, Nunavut! 

    The time has come to wrap up our time work our Windsor youth! We have had a really fun journey with this group and a special shout out to Erica for really championing much of the event planning, content review, and being a reliable asset to this entire process! On December 10th we will head to a few different spots to distribute Border Town, and talk about How’s it Growing, and then finish the day off with a celebration. One of the perks of working close to home has been being able to head to Windsor to have meetings and our final gathering!  

    As always stay tuned for more exciting updates; the new year sees us making more trips and working with more youth across Canada!! Keep your eyes posted for an opportunity to be involved with this project as we will be creating an on-line component. If you want to be the first to know about new developments, sign up for our newsletter.