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CSC Adventures: May 2021

    The month of May has come and gone so quickly, it’s hard to believe that summer is going to be here soon! This month our team worked together to create content for Growth, in case you missed our April blog, our youthexperts team co-created a self-help workbook with four main sections. The sections are: Finding Your Strengths, Implicit Bias & Unlearning, Coping with Challenges, and Imagining your Future! Each of these sections are important and our team has been doing a wonderful job of making sure they all reflect what our youth team wanted. For more information check out CSC Online Design Lab, Spring 2021.

    We have also been preparing to host our next Design Lab with a group of newcomer youth in Quebec. Our intention is to do something similar to what we did in the CSC youthexperts Online, Spring and Summer 2020, which involved mentoring youth who were developing their own mental health initiatives. This time, we’ll be supporting the group to build their own projects in teams, and our programming will be over six weeks. Each week is going to focus on different topics to help them reach their goals, and we will be having guest speakers, group work, and lots of fun!

    Stay tuned to read what happens next month! This is going to be an awesome summer for youthexperts and we still have two more projects to go this year!

    Follow our updates at – soon available in French as well!