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    We have had a wonderful May prepping, planning, and launching the next chapter of the Canada Service Corps project! As the pandemic continues to affect our lives, we are all adjusting to working from home. Our on-line cohort was launched this month with a vibrant and warm group of young people who are stretched across Canada. Each participant came to the table with their own project ideas of how to be mental health change makers in their own communities. As we move through this month, we are getting to know everyone, getting comfortable as a group, and building toward individual mentorship for their individual projects. This is an exciting time for youthexperts and we cannot wait to see the evolution of these initiatives!

    Do you remember Nuna, our Inuit resource booklet, with self care tips, and interactive coping strategies? This amazing resource has been getting some traction and love online; and we couldn’t be happier! It’s exciting to see the hard work and passion that our friends in Arviat, Nunavut put into this resource, getting attention!

    As we continue to move through this pandemic, youthexperts remains flexible and adaptable! Our main focus at this moment is making sure our online team have all of the tools and support they need to bring their ideas to life. Make sure you check back to see what June brings!!