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CSC Adventures: March 2021

    March was such a great month for our youthexperts team! We wrapped up the final days of our Design Lab 8 cohort, which also meant that our tool was coming together nicely. We had our final meetings and the group really got down to business this month.

    You may remember that during Design Labs we break into small groups to build content for the chosen resource. Our team decided to create a workbook journal, with sections on recognizing strengths, implicit biases and anti-racism, resilience and mental health, and even planning for the future!

    Not only did these youth have to select all of the information that fit into each part, but they also needed to choose a name for the tool overall. Since our group was very passionate about each part mentioned above, they felt it was best to relay accurate and compassionate information, while also focusing on messages about healing, self-compassion, and self-improvement. So, what better title could they find than Growth?

    This Design Lab officially wrapped up in March, and we were able to get all of the information we need to transform our youth’s vision into a tangible tool. We’re excited to continue working on Growth, and we know that it will be an amazing resource for any person to have.

    Stay tuned for updates on Growth, and to see what else mindyourmind gets up to in our next Design Labs!  Follow updates at