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CSC Adventures: June 2022

    June was a busy month for us here at mindyourmind as we worked to finalize our latest resource: The Wellness Deck. This resource was co-created with newcomer youth in Montreal, Quebec, and is a pack of cards with self care tips and doodles that you can colour in. After many hours of working on this tool, we are happy to announce that it is now complete and will be heading to the printer! We can’t wait to see the finished result and hope this deck of cards will offer validation and guidance to many youth.  This will be available in both English and French. 

    Along with finishing the cards, we worked with the group of youth to plan for a launch event. This event will be hosted at the Refugee Centre in Montreal and will be an opportunity for newcomer youth and students to connect with each other, celebrate their culture and talents, and learn about mental health. Plus, every attendee will receive a copy of The Wellness Deck! To register for the event visit: 

    This month, we also began planning for our next design lab, which will be in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories! This design lab will focus on self expression and using art to support your mental health. We are really looking forward to establishing relationships with our partners and the youth who sign up. To say we are excited would be an understatement. 

    That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more CSC updates next month and follow along at

    youthexperts with mindyourmind is funded by Canada Service Corps, a national movement that empowers youth aged 15–30 to gain experience and build important skills while giving back to their community. Learn more at