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CSC Adventures: June 2020

    June has been an exciting month for us as our youthexperts on-line group went into full swing!  As you may remember we opened the call for youth across Canada who are mental health advocates in their own communities and have projects and initiatives they want to bring to life. When we knew that we had to bring our group on-line, we started some serious brainstorming. We know this pandemic has changed the way everyone is working right now, and it is important for us to maintain the integrity of the relationships we have with our participants. We identified that we needed to build a curriculum that would still carry our process in it’s true form. It has been amazing to watch the connections unfold and build. This group is supportive, engaging, and deeply cares about building each other up and the successes of each other. 

    Weekly webinars are ongoing with this cohort to bring information to our participants and help bring their visions to life! Covering topics such as strategic planning, marketing, networking, and research, our group is beginning to put together their projects. We also engage regularly on our Slack channel, which has been a great place to stay in contact throughout the weeks.  

    In our initial conversations, it was very important for us to be able to provide mentorship throughout this process. Each week we have individual meetings to ensure every person is getting the direction they need and appropriate tasks to continue moving their project forward. We are SO excited to watch the progress week to week and be able to build and provide relationships and connections to our group! We also can’t wait to share what everyone is doing! Make sure to stay tuned for that!!

    As for what’s next? We are beginning to plan for the next couple months and taking our Design Lab process on-line!