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CSC Adventures: July 2022

    In July, the mindyourmind team spent time finalizing preparations for our Design Lab in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories before jet-setting off to the far north. This Design Lab was different than our others as we were going to be focusing a lot more on art based activities. This required more preparation and shipping of materials! For this Design Lab, we had the opportunity to partner with Tree of Peace Friendship Centre and CBYF. Thank you to Christina and the CBYF youth leaders, we are so grateful for all of your help! 

    As a team, we spent a couple of days immersing ourselves in the culture and beauty of Yellowknife before meeting with the group of youth. Together we talked about mental health and the importance of self expression before diving into art therapy based activities. As a group, we created two collaborative art pieces, both of which will be displayed in youth spaces within Yellowknife. 

    This month we also supported our Montreal group with their launch party and potluck event for newcomer youth and international students at The Refugee Center They spent many hours planning for this wellness event and were excited to show off The Wellness Deck that we created together. We are so proud of their hard work! 

    As for what’s next, well we are wrapping up our Yellowknife Design Lab and preparing for our next one! 

    Check back next month for more updates and follow along at!

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