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CSC Adventures: July 2021

    July was such an exciting month for everyone as we wrapped up one of our youthexperts design labs! We were so inspired by this group who came together to develop their own mental health initiatives and launch them in their respective communities. It was so exciting to see what came out of that group of young people, and we wanted to share the how-to process with more Canadian youth! If you haven’t yet, check out what happened here: Design lab online spring summer 2020

    This summer, we decided that it would be fun to bring Canadian youth together and co-create something unique in small groups! As always, it was awesome to meet each of the participants and see groups form naturally. In our first two sessions, we worked to build group dynamics and see where people’s passions lied and our third and fourth sessions allowed for a natural formation of like-minded people working together! Overall, our sessions focused on team building, budgeting, strategic planning, networking, and more!  They all worked towards applying for the Rising Youth grants; to bring passionate new ideas to their communities.

    Three main ideas were born out of all of our conversations, and each group spent their time working and creating diligently. Working with young people is always so inspiring and we look forward to seeing their ideas come to fruition. Stay tuned for August’s blog to hear about how this group arose to the challenge before them!

    As for Growth, our self help workbook, we are finishing the final touches on it as you read this.  Stay tuned for the launch of Growth coming this fall.  We also had a change in our staff team, as two of our staff left to pursue their next career and grad school chapters! Thank you SO much to Justin and Simran for all of your contributions to the mindyourmind program.

    Who is going to join our team? We’ll let you know in August!  Follow our adventures at