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CSC Adventures: July 2020

    This month was such a blast with our youthexperts online group! Hosting a webinar series to empower young people to bring their ideas to life has been a highlight for us during the pandemic. We all know how stressful these times have been, and we have all had to make shifts in our day to day lives to accommodate COVID19. Let me tell you, this group of young people have been incredibly inspiring to get to know and see thrive in a time we are all struggling in.

    During July we wanted to do justice to the process of creating a mental health tool/resource. Because this is what we do at mindyourmind it was really important to bring the best information each week, so that everyone would be successful! We brought in guest speakers to share their experiences on the topics of how to reach your audience, graphic design, photography, videography & visuals, public speaking and sharing your story! We wrapped up the month with each participant updating the group on their project and progress. 

    Next month is going to be our final few weeks with this group and we are so excited to be able to share what everyone is doing! These are people you will want to remember; they are all bright young Canadians who are making a difference!