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CSC Adventures: July 2019

    This month we want to feature our most recent partner, the Mental Health Outreach workers through the Nunavut Department of Health. These workers connect with individuals and families throughout the community in order to promote cultural traditions and knowledge, enhance mental wellbeing, and connect people with appropriate services. These outreach workers were incredibly helpful during our stay, they knew almost everyone in the community, helped with translation and recruitment, and provided us with pertinent cultural information. If you are in the Arviat area and need some support, don’t hesitate to reach out. You’re in good hands with the Mental Health Outreach worker team!

    We are currently taking all the amazing content that the youth helped us develop in the Design Lab, and we are creating a mental health journal that will encompass the traditional values of the Inuit people and include ideas that they can use for their overall wellness.

    In Windsor news, the youth are planning on launching their new tools (How’s It Growing? and a mental health journal) at a youth summit in the fall. Our design team is putting the finishing touches on the book so that the youth can distribute the books at the youth summit. The youth team members are also applying for a #RisingYouth grant to support the event.

    We are one year and ten months into the Canada Service Corps project. This means we have eight months left to complete our work in five communities across Canada. We are happy to report that we are on track! To recap, we have completed work in two out of five communities, Squamish, BC and Halifax, NS. We are almost done with our project in Windsor, ON and we are actively working on the Arviat, NU project. We have one final community to visit this fall.

    As always, stay tuned for our next installment. We will be revealing our last partner community soon. If you would like more frequent updates, sign up for mindbytes and follow us on social media!