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CSC Adventures: January 2022

    January was such a great month for our latest Design Lab, Self Expression group! We had so much fun sharing different ways of expressing ourselves. Having a brave and safe space for our youth to be vulnerable is one of the most important aspects of our Design Labs. 

    To recap, we had three guest speakers share forms of expression and storytelling. Over the course of 5 sessions the entire group was guided through hip hop, creating lyrics, playing characters, clowning, intuitive movement, improvising, bonding, laughing and making precious memories. Throughout this time, each participant had been working on their own expression piece. 

    Our final session was an opportunity for each participant to showcase their work. We had poetry, singing, dancing, and art. From beginning to end, everything was so special and lasting connections were made. Stay tuned for updates on our website.

    Our most recent self care journal book Growth has now been printed in English and Punjabi. If you’re interested in a copy, please contact us.

    As we enter February, we are regrouping to determine our next direction for the next Design Lab. Stay tuned if you are interested in joining. 

    If you’re interested in receiving any copies of our self care journal books, please let us know at

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