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CSC Adventures: August 2021

    We said goodbye to one of our team members, Simran, who is moving into a new chapter in her life! We wish her all the best and will miss her contributions to our team and our youth! Check out her goodbye and learn what her next adventure is going to be, Simran’s Time at mindyourmind.

    In August we welcomed a new member to the mindyourmind team, Simran! You read that right, we are lucky enough to have another Simran join our team! Check out her blog, Introducing Simran, as we are super excited to have her join us!

    During August our team put together the final pieces of Growth, our journal workbook that our most recent youthexperts team created! It’s looking great and we are super excited to share it with Canadian youth! Stay tuned as we are very close to launching it.

    We’re beginning to prepare for our next youthexperts group that we’re running in the fall! We’ll be mentoring a new group of Canadian youth-we can’t wait to see what happens there. Make sure to check out and view our site en Français!

    Stay tuned for September updates!