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CSC Adventures: April 2021

    It’s a new fiscal year for our CSC project and we are thrilled that we are able to continue working with youth across Canada. As we enter into year four of this journey, it’s amazing to look back and see how impactful all of our projects have been. We’ve had young adults from all across Canada participate and we’re so thankful that even during a pandemic, youthexperts is still a thriving community who continues to develop meaningful resources for Canadian youth!

    This month was more behind the scenes where our team continued to put together the mental health resource that our last group created. Growth is the name of the book our team is working on, and it’s content brings a fresh perspective, education, and awareness on some pretty deep topics. Our group wanted to explore growth to learn more about your strengths, explore implicit bias and unlearning, coping with challenges, and imagining your future!

    We are really looking forward to bringing this book into fruition and can’t wait to show you how amazing Growth will be! Check out the last book we created, Thrive: One Privince at a Time, you can learn more about the process and download it!

    This year, we have three more cohorts to plan for, and we are getting going with an upcoming virtual design lab… stay tuned for what happens next! Follow our updates and learn more about the youthexperts project.