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CSC Adventures: July 2022

    In July, the mindyourmind team spent time finalizing preparations for our Design Lab in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories before jet-setting off to the far north. This Design Lab was different than our others as we were going to be focusing a lot more… more »CSC Adventures: July 2022

    CSC Adventures: June 2022

      June was a busy month for us here at mindyourmind as we worked to finalize our latest resource: The Wellness Deck. This resource was co-created with newcomer youth in Montreal, Quebec, and is a pack of cards with self care tips and… more »CSC Adventures: June 2022

      CSC Adventures: May 2022

        In May, mindyourmind travelled to Montreal for our first in-person Design Lab since COVID! To say we were excited would be an understatement. We had a chance to explore the city and enjoy its culture before getting hard at work. For this… more »CSC Adventures: May 2022

        CSC Adventures: March 2022

          March was a month of transition for our youthexperts program, as we were putting finishing pieces together of our current projects, as well as looking towards the future. We have been working on translating our tool and resources into other… more »CSC Adventures: March 2022